Directory Rates

The directory listing is ideal for service-based businesses.

Are you a freelancer or contractor? List your business in the directory to reach a consciously consuming creativity celebrating audience.

Do you specialize in sourcing, materials, or production? List your business so people with custom projects or looking for niche supplies can find you.

Do you work in the field or with your hands? List in Made + Collected so potential clients can find you and you can keep working on what you’re working on.


  • agriculture
  • tech
  • food & beverage
  • health, wellness, and fitness
  • design, art, photography
  • consulting
  • coaching
  • branding, marketing
  • financial
  • production & specialty suppliers
  • professional services

Still wondering what a service-based business is? Here’s a pretty good definition of Service vs. Merchandise (product-based) businesses. Those with Service business or are a Hybrid in combination with a Service aspect should book a directory listing space.

For example – a maker who sews handmade products also does production sewing for other projects or does alterations, they would list their custom work but their contact info/description may be the same for their handmade retail business. Or if a restaurant offers off-site catering and wanted to list, they would promote their catering services, but if they wanted to promote just the restaurant side of the business, they would want to book an ad space.


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